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The Biggest Loser Season 13 week 10: The Game Changes

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Tonight’s Biggest Loser brings on a game changer as host Alison Sweeney turns the game on its side. Not only did Alison decide to change trainers, but she informed the contestants that their lineups were changing as well. The Red Team were all men plus Kim, and the Black Team was all women. Whether or not this will work for or against the women still remains to be seen but one thing was for certain, the ladies were now officially starting to play the game.

At first none of the contestants on either team were willing to let their guards down and get out of their comfort zones. However, the Red Team was more receptive of veteran trainer Bob Harper than the Black Team was willing to.

Celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince decides to take the ladies to a ballet workout and managed to participate as well, tights and all. The ladies at first seemed against ballet until they realized just how “hardcore” ballet could be.

Later at their challenge of the day, Ali leads the contestants through a course full of mud. The contestants must grab as many weights as they could. The first team with the most amounts of weights will win a two pound advantage at the weight in. At first it seemed as if the teams were evenly matched, but then the Red Team managed to pull out another win, which the Black Team may have truly needed the advantage. Will this hurt their chances of keeping all their members safe another week or will one of the team members have to return home to finish their journey?

Black Team members Cass and Emily had a powwow about what they should do in order to ensure their safety on campus to make sure that they have an “all-female final four.” They have the support of Chris as well from their team, but there is a mole among them and as you the viewer probably guessed, it is indeed none other than Conda herself.

Fuming over the fact that the women decided to make a game play instead of wanting to play the game fairly, Conda told her brother immediately what was going on and Buddy which then Conda and Jeremy decided to tell Mark what was going on…it is official, game playing has begun.

[It is in this examiner’s opinion that the game begun at the very beginning of the season when people made their alliances since day one.]

With a staggering low weigh in tonight, the Black Team had a small chance to win the weigh in with only needing to lose 18 pounds between them, however with numbers at 1 pound a piece for Chris and Megan and only 3 pounds for Cass, will they be able to keep their alliance or will their alliance be fractured because the game has just officially started?

In the end, the Black Team was up for elimination and it was between Cassandra and Chris on who would stay or who would go and in the end, the Red Team decided to send Cassandra home. Although she is still battling with her “weight-loss demons” of past, Cassandra still has insecurities that she may not be able to keep her weight off.

Since starting at the Biggest Loser campus, Cassandra now is 90 pounds down from her original weight of 239, has moved to New York and is planning on being a writer. She has a job interview with Condé Nast Traveler, one of her favorite magazines.

Next week on the Biggest Loser:

Jessica Simpson stops by the Biggest Loser campus and the teams will now be completely disbanded. It will be every man or woman for themselves. Find out who will stay and who will be sent home to finish their journey next week.


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