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The Biggest Loser season 13: The Big 200th episode

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Tonight was the 200th episode of the Biggest Loser and it started with the infamous Temptation challenge. Host Alison Sweeney informed the contestants that the person who eats the most amounts of calories gets to change the lineup of the teams to benefit them the best.

At first it seemed that the Red and Black teams wanted to go for broke and eat the most amount of calories to ensure their spots on their respective teams, but ultimately it was Chicago’s own Daphne who shot herself in the foot by not only eating almost an astounding 1800 + calories, but she also shook up the Ranch by only switching two players which were brother and sister duo Conda and Jeremy.

Livid with her decision, veteran trainer Bob Harper tried to reason and plea with Daphne to make amends from the start considering the fact that her team and the Red Team both knew it was her in the first place who manipulated the teams, (and not in a smart way either since she made her team predominantly women instead of adding more men), but alas, she decided to be mum.

Later at their final challenge of the evening, waves were made when instead of trying to simulate with her team, Daphne decided to further ostracize herself from her team by electing to sit out the challenge instead of taking a vote.

[The Red Team not only smoked the Black Team on the challenge, but won two weeks of training and exercise at the Biggest Loser Resort.]

During the week, the Black Team decided to throw the challenge by eating whatever they wanted in hopes to throw the weigh in and send Daphne home. Will it end up backfiring in their faces or will they end up sending Daphne home after all?

At the weigh in, the Red Team pulled, not surprisingly, big numbers on the scale which made it all the more difficult for the Black Team to come from behind with needing to lose more than 51 pounds to ensure their team members not go home.

However, some people had a problem with the game play, realizing that they sabotaged themselves and not their teammate.

Tempers flared as Bob and Dolvett were living that they decided it was ok to not resist temptation and eat them into losing their weigh in. In a season of “No Excuses”, everyone on the Black Team had an excuse.

[Side Note: No matter what her teammates may be thinking or saying, the only thing that was toxic to their team was their own selfish and foolish behaviors. Blaming someone’s desperation for their excessive overeating and lame attempts at exercise is the reason why they ended up on the Ranch in the first place. This type of behavior is not ok nor is it advised. This type of behavior in a setting outside of the Biggest Loser campus that has a slew of medics, doctors and trainers, can and would result in a coronary or gaining a ton of weight.]

On the scales, everyone lost weight but Conda and Daphne and Daphne decided to gain the weight to send herself home on her own terms. However respected her decision is, this episode was the worst episode in the history of the Biggest Loser and it was a disgusting display of clique like behavior and seemed as if they were never willing to accept any outsider, whether they earned their spot on campus or not.

Even in the elimination room after Bob’s plea for kindness, (and maybe even a bit of respect and peace), there was drama to be had and the one main character always in the center of the controversy is Conda.

Hopefully Daphne will be able to return her focus of gaining her life back and continue to strive for better health mentally, physically and spiritually.

Since starting her journey of weight loss, Daphne has lost 71 pounds, going from 271 pounds to 200. Having atrial fibrillation, there was times when Daphne would stop breathing in the middle of the night and even took to moving back in with her parents to make sure that someone was always there just in case.

With a new waist line, better health and even better breathing habits, Daphne decided to move out into her own apartment.

Next Week on the Biggest Loser:

The contestants are sent home to visit their families and someone manages to hit the floor, but not in a good way. Find out what really happened when Chris hit the floor and who stays and goes next week.


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