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The Biggest Loser Season 13: Makeover Week!

Watch the Biggest Loser, Tuesdays 8/7 pm cst only on NBC.
Watch the Biggest Loser, Tuesdays 8/7 pm cst only on NBC.

Tonight was “Makeover Week” on the Biggest Loser and the contestants went white…the White House that is. Host Alison Sweeney informed the contestants that they will receive all new looks from Fashion Maeve Jeannie Mai and Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves.

Chris has a breakthrough where she was able to admit to Paves that she always sees the former her and not the woman she has worked so hard to become and she felt with a makeover, it may change her perceptions. The gentlemen looked dapper and even in the case of Buddy and Mark, younger.

The biggest surprise of the night had celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince and Veteran trainer Bob Harper floored and that was the makeovers of Kim and Conda.

For the first time since season 13 got on its way, the Chicago Obesity Examiner has finally seen the real Conda! Having cut her long dark locks and trading them in for a shorter, blonder hairdo, she was hardly recognizable!

As for the beautiful and former wrestler Kim, you can finally see the hard work has indeed paid off. Sporting a tiny waist, brighter smile and a sleek new look, she probably looks a whole lot better than she did at 23.

[To be continued next week…..]

Next week’s Biggest Loser:

The Makeover week continues where the contestants left off; not only getting to meet the first lady of the White House Michelle Obama, but they also get to work out with her! Also, find out what sends Chris into a tailspin.


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