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The Biggest Loser Season 13: Home Going

Watch the Biggest Loser, Tuesdays, 8/7 pm cst only on NBC.
Watch the Biggest Loser, Tuesdays, 8/7 pm cst only on NBC.

Tonight’s a home going on the Biggest Loser and every contestant that remains is ecstatic. Host Alison Sweeney informs the contestants that they get to go home for two weeks to visit with their families and find out whether or not they can make it in the real world with real situations they will face once they leave campus.

At the Ranch, the contestants had their trainers, (Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince), a 24 hour on staff medical team of experts (Dr. Huizenga being one), and equipment to aid in their journeys to weight loss, but in the real world, not everyone will have that core system at their disposal.

Some manage to keep focused even when family, friends and everyday living starts to catch up to them, while others struggle just to maintain a living environment that’s safe and healthy.

Black Team contestant Emily Joy, whose father was training her since the age of 8 in Olympic Weightlifting, was struggling with inner demons while at home. She felt a sense of failure since she can no longer life the weights she once would consider, “a cake walk.”

Buddy is gearing up to hit his milestones and his brother takes him to a Planet Fitness in Michigan where they have a 30 minute workout that’s a system of workouts that gives a person the maximum benefit of a full workout in 30 minutes.

The contestants had an at home challenge in which the winner of the 10000 kilometer rowing challenge will win a $10,000 dollar prize. At first, it seemed that Red Team contestant Kim was the shoe in, but after some time, father – son duo Chism and Mark were neck and neck. So who won the challenge?

[The winner of the challenge by a mere 7 seconds was Chism.]

Later, husband and wife duo Roy and Chris Pickler from Middleton, Indiana, had to go through their home with new eyes and a new focus since the stress of seeing its dilapidated state would cause anyone an unbearable amount of stress. Family and friends to all in their community, for once, the duo had to do more than rely on their usual stress eating tactics, and focus on what needed to be done at the moment in a healthier manner.

When the contestants returned to the Ranch, it was business as usual for the trainers as they showed no mercy at the last chance workout. Since they only had one day to work with the contestants, veteran trainer Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince made sure to “whip” the contestants into submission, the best way they knew how.

Last week, the viewers saw Chris fall during the last chance workout and left us wondering what happened and if she will be alright, but rest assure, it was just the stress and not the workout which was her undoing. After a brief break, she was fine and able to resume her workout.

At the scale, most contestants had their individual goals to focus on, but in the case of Buddy, he had 3 goals in which he was striving for. His first goal was to hit his 16 pound mark, second was to reach his 200s again and his last goal was to lose 100 pounds. So did Buddy manage to reach all 3 of his goals? Yes he did and he managed to lose them in leaps and bounds. (Kim and Mark did not reach their individual goals and if their team loses the weigh in, they will both be up for elimination.)

The Black Team’s Olympic weight-lifting hopeful Emily Joy managed to lose 17 pounds, a personal number she wanted not only to ensure her safety on campus another week, but so she’ll be in Onederland herself.

[For the viewers who do not remember what Onederland is, it’s a term the contestants used to describe their reaching the 100s in weight. Most obese individuals strive to be in their 100s and when they do, it’s almost a “wonder” land of sorts.]

With only one member of the Black Team left to be weighed in, it looks as if the Black Team may end up winning the weigh-in. Unfortunately, Chism missed his goal by a measly one pound and the emotions began to flare to a tear-jerking new height. Due to this fact, Chism had to go home. Since being on campus, Chism has lost 86 pounds going from 361 pounds to 282 pounds.

Not only has Chism proved he can lose the weight, but he also proved that he has indeed become the man everyone saw him to be. Not only has his father Mark and wife raised him right, but Bob trained him to be a well-rounded individual as well in the short amount of time he’s worked with him.

To find out how Chism is doing on his journey, go to the Biggest Loser’s website.

Next Week on the Biggest Loser:

The trainers are switched and all hell breaks loose. Find out what happens on the scales to get Bob Harper to walk away next week.


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