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The Biggest Loser Season 13 Finale

Watch the Biggest Loser, Season 13, OnDemand with Xifinity.
Watch the Biggest Loser, Season 13, OnDemand with Xifinity.

The season finale of the Biggest Loser is finally here and fan favorites as well as at-home players, takes their final weigh in to see just how far they have come. As stunning as ever, master of ceremony Alison Sweeney started the show off bringing back out the eliminated players to see who lost the most weight for the $100,000 prize.

Veteran trainer Bob Harper and Celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince was their front row and center to see if their efforts were in vain or if what they have literally been pounding into the heads of the contestants.

At first, it seemed as if Cassandra would take all with a weight loss of 91 pounds, going from 239 pounds to 148 pounds. However, not to be outdone, one of fan favorites Emily who was eliminated not without drama, took over that win by losing 102 pounds going from 264 pounds to 152 pounds.

It seemed as if it would truly be a ladies’ rule style evening but in the end, it was Mike who took the at-home prize losing an astounding 160 pounds going from 358 pounds to 198 pounds.

Last to weigh in are the top 3 contestants. Brother and sister dynamic duo Conda and Jeremy and a former pro wrestler Kim.

[Alison informed the contestants that due to the challenge first lady Michelle Obama has sent to America to vote for their favored contestant, Kim’s hometown will receive a gym!]

Conda lost 117 pounds going from 294 pounds, to 177 pounds, Jeremy lost 199 pounds going from 389 pounds, to 190 pounds and Kim lost 118 pounds going from 252 pounds to 134 pounds; which means that Jeremy took home to $250,000 prize.

Congratulations to all the contestants who put in work this season. They earned everything they have achieved and will achieve.


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