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The Biggest Loser season 13: Exercise is Boring!

Watch the Biggest Loser Tuesdays, 8/7 pm CSt only on NBC.

This week’s Biggest Loser takes on the excuse of “Exercise is Boring” by exploring different avenues contestants can take to get in shape.

The Biggest Loser teamed up with Feeding America and Newman’s Own. In their first challenge, host Alison Sweeney informs the contestants that they must load a truck full of Newman’s Own, which for decades has been a source of not only healthy and delicious products but also as a 100% donated product to several charities.

The contestant who manages to load their truck first will win a one pound advantage on the scales. In the end, Mark won the challenge, almost by a landslide.

Celebrity Trainer Dolvett Quince decided to take his group to a Zumba fitness class and Buddy stole the show by making it “rain” in the class. Who knew he was such a comedian and could let go completely?

Veteran trainer Bob Harper took his group on a bike outing where they experienced different terrains for a workout that anyone can do at home.

Alison Sweeney takes the contestants on a field trip to a grocery store so the contestants can gather ingredients on their own. The contestants must gather these ingredients in a matter of 7 minutes and once back on campus they will get only 20 minutes to cook those ingredients. The contest will be judged on taste, creativity and nutritional value. The winner of this challenge gets $1,000 for every pound loss.

[Season 12 fan favorites Anton, Becky and Vinny made a return to campus tonight to judge the cooking contest and to share their “war” stories and what they have done to maintain their weight loss.]

Kim won the challenge and will receive $1,000 for every pound she loses on the scale this week. Not only did she deserve it, but she made Teriyaki Beef on a Portobello mushroom with cheese and it was only 337 calories and low in fat as well.

Side Note: Anton decided to “psycho analyze” Chris which infuriated her about her cooking and how he felt that she was holding back on her food and possibly in her life. The fact that complete strangers are telling her she has a wall around her makes her question how she presents herself to the public and what she has inside her.

At the scales, Kim managed to lose 7 pounds for $7,000! Congratulations Kim! You deserve it and more. On the scales, Mark and Buddy struggled, sending Mark immediately into the bottom two having not lost a single pound. With only Megan left to weigh in, Buddy’s fate was literally in Megan’s weight loss.

After working so hard under Bob’s watchful eyes, she only managed to lose 4 pounds. After her hard work and efforts, it devastated her to realize that she may get sent home to finish her journey. At the voting ceremony, it seems as if the same clique mentality kicked in with a vengeance and Megan was sent home to finish her journey of weight loss.

Since arriving on the Biggest Loser campus, Megan went from 259 pounds to 189 pounds with a total weight loss of 70 pounds. She learned she can do all things she sets her mind to, through hard work, dedication and a lot of faith in herself.

Megan can now racing her horse and is doing things that she has not done in more than 3 years. She is now engaged to her boyfriend Michael and he has also managed to get healthy and lose 80 pounds!

[Megan also allowed viewers to see her try on different dresses and has Conda as one of her bridesmaids.]

Next week on the Biggest Loser:

It’s the biggest makeover in biggest Loser history! Michelle Obama makes an appearance on the show as the contestants will reveal their makeovers at the White House! Watch the Biggest Loser next week, Tuesday, 8/7 pm CST only on NBC, Xfinity channel 5 Chicago.


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