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The Biggest Loser Season 13 episode 6 recap

Watch the Biggest Loser, Tuesdays, 8/7 pm CST only on NBC, Xfinity channel 5.

Tonight’s Biggest Loser starts where it left off last week with the Red Team plotting the demise of a fellow member, Chicago’s own Adrian. Still reeling from last week’s weigh in, the trouble starters, Conda and Kim, decided to conspire to make sure that by all means, they end up sending home Adrian.

At the challenge, host Ali Sweeney introduces the contestants to the dunk tank. Veteran trainer Bob Harper and celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince were placed on platforms about the swimming pool while their respected teams help on to the ropes that ensure their secure place on the platform and not in the tank. Whichever team won the challenge got to keep their trainer for the whole week while the losing team had to fend for themselves. What the contestants do not know is that the losing team’s trainer are going to watch their routines secretly that week to see what they are up to while the trainer is away.

At first it seemed an unlikely match up, (Black holding mostly women on their team and Red mostly men), but the viewer slowly learns that brain over brawn wins out every time as the Black Team blazes the challenge with each member still holding on to their rope.

The Red Team chose one person who would act as the trainer and deliver the other’s their workout routines for the week and that person was Kim. Conda made a statement that Kim needs to step it up as a trainer and put a routine together to make sure that her team wins the weigh in so no one goes home this week. The big question on this examiner’s mind is what happened to the trouble twosome’s pact to get rid of Adrian?

Bob takes his Black Team atop a hill for their work out this week and brought the pain along with him. Chicago native Daphne realized that she was the last one to run up that hill and told Bob her feeling and emotion behind it. After reassuring her that she is on her own journey and that the others had him for 6 weeks to her 2.

Biggest Loser nutritionist Rachel Beller stopped by the Biggest Loser Ranch to take the Black Team out on a lunch date. While there, the contestants ran through a long list of foods they would have ordered before coming on the Ranch and the least amount of calories totaled out to 2600 calories or more for the meal. Rachel in turn told them alternatives they could eat while still enjoying the foods they loved.

At the top of the second hour, Dolvett returns to his team and tells them he’s been watching them this whole time and that he is disappointed in the separation of the team and wrote out the list of complaints Conda had about Adrian.

At their last chance workouts, the Red Teams was fast and furious, while Bob lead the Black team at a strong and steady pace…so which team will prove victorious at the scale and which team will fail?

At the scale, the Red Team pulled out a big number of 52 pounds down and the Black Team felt the pressure to meet their 48 pound goal. At first, the women were not pulling the numbers they were hoping for only managing to lose 31 pounds for 5 people total. In order for them to win, the men needed to lose a combined total of 17 pounds and managed to shatter their mark by losing 25 pounds total which meant the Red Team were going into eliminations.

At eliminations, the Red Team were going back and forth on the votes about who they should send home and who should stay between Mark and Adrian but in the end, they proved that they still harbored animosity and sent Adrian home.

Since starting his journey, Adrian went from 370 pounds to 220 pounds making his weight loss a total of 150 pounds. Adrian works with his community and is awaiting the birth of his child. He is currently in the studio mixing an album which he hopes will be finished by the finale and works with nonprofit organizations.

Next Week’s Biggest Loser:

The aftermath of sending Adrian will lead to an explosive opener and that is just the first five minutes. Find out what will happen when Conda meets Daphne on next week’s Biggest Loser.


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