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The Biggest Loser season 13: episode 4 recap

Watch the Biggest Loser Tuesdays, 8/7 pm cst only on NBC.
Watch the Biggest Loser Tuesdays, 8/7 pm cst only on NBC.

Tonight on the Biggest Loser, the contestants are met at the top of the hour by host Alison Sweeney at their first Pop Challenge. The challenge takes place at a construction like zone in which the contestants must answer a question about nutrition. If they answer the question right, they pass through solid ground and on to the next question. Get the answer wrong, and they have to walk through a mud pit. The team that wins the challenge will receive exclusive rights to the gym for the week while the losing team has to work out outdoors.

Unfortunately yet again, the Black Team loss to the Red Team answering none of their five questions correctly. Chris ready to quit the show from feeling the effects of constantly losing in a team environment, decided she did not want to be bothered by cameras or the Ranch at all, almost completely inconsolable even by her husband.

Veteran trainer Bob Harper walks in and is understandably annoyed by the 3rd person this season who wanted to walk off.

[Bob managed to convince her to stay another week even though it seemed Chris did so begrudgingly.]

Both trainers had their hands full during the week since they had two different contestants whom acted as if working out was going to kill them. Gail was doing her same song and dance of shuffle, move then cry but Conda of the Red Team, was the fuel to celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince’s fire this week.

Conda, whom always claims to be a strong competitor and works out hard, pulled her usual “I’ll do what I want and that’s the end of the conversation” and Dolvett had it with her kicking her out of the gym.

Livid, Conda begun to cry and felt frustrated because she’s usually the one ordering people, not the other way around. When confronted with her issues, she had to eat crow and apologize to Dolvett for her childish and rather rude behavior and amazingly enough, she did.

Trainer Dolvett Quince visited Chicago’s very own Aqua Team members Daphne and Adrian this week, to check up on their weight loss process. With only one week left before they weighed in to see if they have earned a spot back on the Ranch, it was now Dolvett’s turn to work them out and keep them focused.

At the weigh in, the Black Team managed to pull big numbers except for predictably Gail, but surprisingly Megan only loss 2 pounds which disappointed Bob and her, considering the work she put in this week. However disappointed in the results of the two ladies Bob was, the Black Team managed to pull off a 52 pound total loss and 2.72% of their total weight.

The Red Team needed to lose more than 49 pounds in order to ensure all their team members remain on campus one more week, but first, the welcomed back their team member Buddy from home. The new father was more than blushing, (named his newborn Levi Martin), and compensated not being on campus by losing 10 pounds at home.

Did Conda let go of her stubbornness and worked out hard enough to make sure that all of her team members would be safe from elimination or will her usual “I’m right” routine be their downfall? Amazing enough, Conda pulled it off and managed to lose a whopping 10 pounds.

For the first time this season, the Black Team had to vote off one of their own. So whom did they send home between Megan and Gail? There was no hesitation, the Black Team voted off Gail to finish her journey at home.

Since starting at the Biggest Loser Ranch, Gail weighed in at 322 pounds and managed to lose 56 pounds total, going from 322 pounds to 266 pounds. After meeting with her sports fitness doctor, Gail found out she has tendonitis in her hips and the doctor has limited her workouts. By the finale, Gail wants to hear a, “Congratulations, you did it!”

Next week on the Biggest Loser:

The brother and sister team from Chicago get to see if they managed to lose over 50 pounds and gain a second chance at the Ranch. Will they prove successful or will they have to continue their journey at home? Find out the answers on next week’s Biggest Loser.


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