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The Biggest Loser season 13: Aloha!

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At the beginning of the hour, host Alison Sweeney informs the contestants that they are headed to the island of Hawaii for this week’s Biggest Loser. As is the new traditions on the Biggest Loser, the contestants who make it to week 12 end up headed to a vacation getaway that is part relaxation/reward, part a test in can the contestants pull the weight off while on vacation, which is one of the excuses that has been used before.

The first challenge was a pop challenge Hawaiian style guessing the food’s traditional to Hawaii’s caloric and fat content and it was close between Kim and Chris. In the end, it came down to who knew more about Macadamia nuts and seeing as how they were Chris’s favorites, she won the pop challenge and the 1 pound advantage.

Trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince had their hands full with the contestants this week as the temptation to just relax and enjoy the scenery, overwhelmed a few. Celebrity Trainer Dolvett noticed that Kim’s mind was not in the game and lit a match under her, so to speak, to get her to realize she was still here and dwelling on the loss of Emily as her support system will only hinder her own success.

Kim, who has been a threat since day one on campus, is feeling more than left out now that her partner in crime Emily has been voted off the Ranch. Left to fend for herself, she needed some much needed inspiration which came in the form of the Soul Surfer herself Bethany Hamilton.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Bethany Hamilton, who learned how to surf before she was out of diapers, has been surfing her whole life. On one fated day when she was 13, she lost her arm to a shark attack and was not even sure if she’ll ever be able to surf again. However, through true grit and determination, she did not let the loss of her arm deter her from achieving the goals she had set for herself and is a pro surfboarder.

On the finale challenge of the evening, Ali informs the contestants that they are competing in a challenge for immunity. There are posts throughout a field and everyone has to find a Hawaiian Lei to place on one of their opponents’ tiki posts. The person, who is not eliminated by the end of the challenge, wins immunity at the weigh in and will remain on campus, (In Hawaii) for one more week.

As no surprise the alliance of Jeremy, Conda and Mark still holds and they sent Kim packing first, followed by the rest of the contestants until there were four left; Kimmy, Jeremy, Mark and Conda were left to battle it out for the coveted prize and when it was just the terrible 3 left, (Mark, Jeremy and Conda), brother and sister fought to ensure a victory for Conda.

It begs to ask the question, does everyone on the Biggest Loser bow down to the “powerhouses” of Jeremy and Conda? There is nothing particularly intimidating nor do they possess any real leadership skills that are threatening of any kind, yet throughout this season, Conda has coasted through the season losing the least amount of overall weight for part of the season.

At the weigh in, things were a bit nerve wracking for the contestants as they awaited their fate on the scales. Chris and Conda secured their place on campus for one more week followed by Mark, Jeremy and Buddy. Megan and Kimmy were in the bottom two and the last person to weigh in Kim had to lose at least 5 pounds to ensure her spot one more week on campus. She managed to squeeze out the 5 pounds and in the end it came down to whether Kimmy or Megan would be going home.

In the end, the contestants decided to honor Kimmy’s wishes and sent her home to finish her journey. Since arriving on the Biggest Loser campus, Kimmy has lost 65 pounds going from 219 to 154 pounds. She has volunteered at a therapeutic horsemanship center and has had a new outtake on weight loss. Keep up the great work Kimmy.

(Kimmy hopes to one day run a Horsemanship.)

Next week on the Biggest Loser:

For every pound the contestants’ lose, they will receive a bug incentive in the form of dollars. Find out who will win big and who will be sent home.


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