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The Biggest Loser Season 12 Finale

Watch the Biggest Loser Season 13: No Excuses, Jan 1st, 8/7 PM CST, only on NBC.

Tonight marks the Season 12 finale of the Biggest Loser and host Alison Sweeney promised that the finale was going to end with a bang. For starters, Train opened up the show with a surprise performance of the Biggest Loser theme song, “Brand New Book.”

Instead of the traditional weighing in of all at home contestants, the top 3 with the highest percentage of weight loss will be weighed in, but the viewers would not know their actual percentages until they weigh in.

The top 3 at home players were Vinny, Patrick and Jennifer. Originally weighing at a whopping 387 pounds at the start of his journey, Patrick managed to lose 151 pounds and a total of 39.02% of his weight. Jennifer, not to be outdone, went from weighing 330 pounds to 185 pounds which meant Jen lost a total of 145 pounds and 43.94% of weight, which left only Vinny to be weighed in. In the end however, Vinny could not manage to lose enough weight to win the $100,000 at home prize, but won something even better, his health.

(Vinny lost a total of 184 pounds, going from 426 pounds, to 242 pounds.)

Next up, the final 3 contestants were left to be weighed in and each finalist’s journey was displayed for themselves and the viewers; however who will win the $250,000 grand prize still remained to be seen.

Would it be Ramon whom was sent home to finish his journey, but through determination, dedication and hard work, he won the 26.2 mile marathon and a spot in the finale. Or will the winner be Antone who was considered a leader since day one? Last but not least to be weighed in is the game-player John; who from day one has contended that he was not on the Biggest Loser campus to make friends, but to gain his health.

[Right before the final three were weighed in, Alison showed previews for Season 13 of the Biggest Loser, the season of No Excuses. Slated to return in the trainer capacities are veteran trainer Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince who proved he has a strong influence on the contestants.

Promising to be the season unlike all others, not only will the contestants be put through the ringer, but they will also have to go it alone; even though the contestants will walk in with a family member, they will not get the chance to have each other’s backs at all. Each contestant will be responsible for their own journey on the Biggest Loser campus.]

First up at the scale was Ramon who went from 355 pounds to an astonishing 201 pounds, losing a total of 154 pounds with a percentage of weight loss of 43.38%. Not to be outdone, Antone loss a total of 202 pounds, going from 447 pounds to 245 pounds with a total percentage of 45.19% of total weight loss. Last but not least was John; at the beginning of his journey, John weighed in at 445 pounds and lost an amazing 220 pounds which made him the official Biggest Loser of season 12.

Tune in Tuesday, January 3rd 2012, 8/7 pm CST, to NBC for Season 13 of the Biggest Loser: No Excuses.


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