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The Biggest Loser finale 15 gives everyone a look at extreme weight loss

Personal weight loss and gain is a personal matter.
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After last night's episode of The Biggest Loser finale, many were shocked and surprised at the amount of weight that Rachel Frederickson is sitting at currently in order to claim the title of Biggest Loser for Season 15. With her starting weight at 260lbs and losing over 60% of her overall body weight, her current weight of 105lbs seems a little too light for some people.

When looking at overall health and wellness, both extremities are not good for a body, whether you are obese or severely underweight. Ideally, a body should have a comfortable amount of body fat and muscle in order to maintain a regular metabolic rate without bouncing up and down on the scale. Whether Rachel is 'too thin' now may just be an opinion rather than a fact. Only a certified doctor can really tell Rachel if she is too thin, not the general public.

Society seems to have a predetermined 'look' that they wish to fit everyone into. This is especially dominant if you have had children. If you are overweight, you are subject to criticism about your daily diet and exercise regime. If you are too thin, you can be the recipient of harsh suggestions about eating more. Individuals need to find their own 'comfortable weight zone' that is healthy for them and ignore those who seem to have different ideas about what they should look like.

Children change bodies. Some will change back, some won't. How you feel about yourself is your power. Do not let anyone else tell you differently.

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