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The big Katrina trailer exodus and convenience euthanasia

We’re headed toward the weekend with a warming trend in sight! What’s not to like about that?

There’s much to talk about this Thursday around Central Arkansas, including news about all those Katrina trailers around Hope, Arkansas.

Thousands of travel trailers and mobile homes will soon be shipped out to dealers across the country, after they were not used in the hurricane Katrina relief efforts. FEMA bought the units to provide temporary housing for victims of the hurricane, but many were never used.  More than 10,000 units were recently auctioned off, with the winning bid topping $27 million. The manufactured-housing industry fought the auction, saying the flood of cheap products would damage an already-struggling market.

The family of a Monticello man honored his dying wish and euthanized his 2 year old dog so it could be buried with him. Funeral home employees, veterinarians and the humane society say it’s rare for a pet to be euthanized to be buried with its owner, particularly when the pet is only 2 years old.  But they all agree that there’s nothing illegal about the request or fulfilling it.

One out of every two male, black, high school students in the Pulaski County Special School District was suspended at least once last year, according to testimony in the district’s desegregation case. The school district is trying to be released from court monitoring of its desegregation efforts, but lawyers for minority students are fighting that attempt.

Our regular scan of what Arkansas bloggers are writing about turns up a wide variety of information today, starting with politics:

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John Brummett describes how Halter v. Lincoln is a nationalized contest, a fact that will create burdens for both candidates. And a ton of political sport for […]

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And we’ll toss in a bit of food.  Corned Beef from Oaklawn!  With enough pictures to whet your appetite!

Secrets of the Oaklawn Corned Beef Sandwich, Revealed. 

Racing season. Hot Springs. Oaklawn. What says Oaklawn more than fast ponies, cold beer and hot corned beef sandwiches? That’s right, the legendary Oaklawn Corned Beef Sandwich. You ever wonder why, or where it’s […]

Now, we’re off to the races! Check the video version HERE.


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