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The Big Career In The Big Printing Industry

Career in a printing company can be life changing for people since this is an industry that’s not going down for a long time to come. Several industries see ups and downs but that’s not the case with printing industry, especially with new technologies supporting revolutionary printing methods. Just like any other industry, there are all sorts of jobs available at a printing company. Similar to other companies, a printing company also has operations, marketing, sales, finance, HR etc. departments. The important thing to understand about working at a printing company is that it will require some technical knowledge for a person to work.

Printing companies like Moo, Overnight Prints, Vistaprint, etc. open a big door of opportunities for graphic designers. Graphic designers have to create the designs of every item that needs to be printed. A sample of the design can be provided by the customers looking to get something printed. On other occasions the customers might simply give an idea verbally and expect the company’s designers to come up with a unique and attractive design. On most occasions the designers have the liberty to present their own versions of the sample designs provided to them by changing small bits in the designs or modifying the colors.

Administrative, managerial and other office jobs are often available at printing companies. However, skilled workers also have high demand in printing companies. People who can print, use the printing machines or use other techniques for printing are great assets for printing companies. By polishing the printing skills and gaining ample experience, a person can easily become the supervisor of the printing department. Being a supervisor is a great way to earn a good income every month and at the end of the year. Such individuals are also capable of starting their own small businesses or work independently with many companies to provide their services.

Whether a manager or machine operator, printing business is a growing business today and has been this way for many years. The concept of 3D printing has given rise to a big revolution in the printing industry. New workers who can operate the 3D printing machines are now required by these rising companies. Furthermore, 3D printing companies are looking specifically for designers with apt skills of 3D printing. The industry is supposed to grow by leaps and bounds by 2020 and thus expected to create thousands of job opportunities for 3D designers and printers.

As aspiring individuals realize the importance of internet, more and more businesses are emerging. The importance of printing for the marketing purposes is becoming even more vital for businesses with time as the competition grows tougher. According to Pascal Smits, a Printing Professional and owner of, huge printing deals are being offered by companies to attract more and more companies to get their printing jobs done at discounted rates. This is a win-win situation where the companies requiring printing materials for marketing will create more job opportunities in their marketing departments whereas the printing companies will require more staff to manage each of their department to handle the increasing workload of printing jobs.

This is definitely high time for aspiring individuals to learn printing, 3D printing, 3D designing etc.

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