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The Big Brother House

Leave that girl alone
Leave that girl alone
Gaia Best

Big Brother has millions of devoted followers. I haven't gone as far as to watch the live feed but I do watch all of the three hourly network shows and I watch Big Brother After Dark. I don't miss any of that action. I have held off this season on sharing my views for a number of reasons but it is high time I start addressing some of this nonsense.

I want to tell you who I hope will be my finally three and give you my reasons why. I just realized that I should probably have published this as a review but if I do any of those in the future I may categorize them that way,

Top three and why? The others and why not? There are have nots and slop outs and here are the haves and the reasons why.

Cody, Nicole and Our Coper.

Cody plays a smart game and he is not afraid of relationships and he doesn't fear letting a relationship go when it's not working out for him and his buddies, ie. the numbers.

Yes, Cody is a looker alright but that isn't all he has going for him. He is really smart.

I love Nicole and those two would be awesome together. She somewhat settles for less with Hayden, but actually Cody and her would be a really good match together. I hope to see more that is leaning in that direction.

Nicole is absolutely precious. She is adorable. She is a lot smarter than the other house guests realize. She plays her cards close to her chest, (did I just say that?) and she will continue to play smart. Final two with those two could be very cool

Derrick on the other hand, our coper is Really Really smart and plays a great game. He is the genius behind so much of what goes on. I enjoy watching him because he is so good at getting everyone else to do the dirty work. Great player. One of the best of all the seasons.

I want Nicole to win this thing and here is why.

I am tired of the guys always running the show. They play pool and the gals sit by gawking. It's ridiculous in this day and age. I like to see these gals come forward with some thoughts of their own. I hate that personality disorder called dependent personality disorder. The V in the house and we all know who I am talking about is the example of that.

Oh God, I am sick of the religiosity and the dumb looks. I also hate the smart ass guys.

There are plenty of those this season. Frankie is fun but ridiculous and I get tired of the grandiosity.

This group needs lots of therapy.

Condolences to the family's for the the loss of those two grandfathers!

Enough said for now. To be continued.



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