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The big Bing theory - How online marketing is changing

Is there really a "Big Bing Theory"? Is it possible that Bing can ever challenge the gorilla in the room, Google? Bing certainly had no footage against Google in the early years. Google is around 15 years old and took the leading search engine position early on. There were maybe 10 competitors at the time. Google is ruler of the search engines and always has been.

The big Bing Theory
Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for PSIFF

As everything the search engine market is evolving into something very different. Bing is growing but in no way, at this time, can they surpass Google giant growth.

Online marketers are understanding more and more everyday that Bing does drive traffic to a website. Do not discount Bing as a viable source of organic search traffic. You should have a Google and Bing webmaster panel to help you evaluate the traffic coming in from both sources. Many webmasters discount the importance of following the analytics of their websites.

The big Bing theory? I personally think Bing, with the right partners, can equal or surpass Google. How soon? I can't answer that question. Likely I'm dreaming and vowing for the underdog Bing, but my hopes is that Bing does forge ahead. All my own rankings do better in Bing than in Google.

That's why I love Bing! All my organic ranking for major search terms are always, without fail, higher in Bing than in Google.

So a healthcare software company will see a nice return on investment if just 2 persons travel to their site and purchase health care software or medical software used in hospitals, clinics and physician offices. By using all the search engines possible any type of company with a nice profit margin will see a good ROI.

I hope Bing gets huge. Bing, I wish you the best of luck. My theory is that you will make it as big as Google some day.

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