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'The Big Bang Theory' Spoilers: Sheldon's indecision and Penny goes ape

In this week's episode of "The Big Bang Theory" Penny goes ape.
Photo by Angela Weiss

On March 17 IBTimes shares spoilers for tomorrow night's episode of "The Big Bang Theory." In the episode, Will Wheaton will guest star as himself.

Sheldon is looking to purchase a new game system, and he can't decide between an XBox 1 or PS4. His indecision is driving Amy crazy because she really doesn't care either way. They both have their merits, but he can't seem to make up his mind either way.

Penny is offered the part in the "Serial Apeist" movie again, and she is undecided if she still wants to do the part so she calls Will Wheaton for career advise. Wheaton remembers his own desperate times and becomes depressed. Penny reluctantly decides to don the ape hands and feet to reprise her role in the lame movie. She is to play alongside an orangutan in a bikini, who she discovers is none other than Will Wheaton.

Amy is able to facilitate a second chance for Raj with Emily, but things get weird when he receives a note from Lucy who wants to see him again. Raj is excited about the prospect of dating two girls at once and Emily is even cool with it as long as he doesn't tell her the details. Will Raj find love in one or the other of these ladies, especially now that he can actually talk to Lucy?

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