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'The Big Bang Theory' spoilers: Sheldon reevaluates life over a table

On the next "Big Bang Theory" Leonard buys a table which leads Sheldon to reevaluating all the changes in his life.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On Feb. 16 Enstarz shares that new episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" will be returning this week with an episode called "The Table Polarization" in which Leonard purchases a dining room table which leads Sheldon to reevaluate the changes that have recently took place in his life.

It makes perfect sense that they would have a table in their house considering the fact that at least 85 percent of the show focuses around the group of friends sitting around eating. Sheldon has undergone many changes in this season, from kissing Amy and liking it, to going away with her for their three- year Valentine's Day, and now Leonard changes up their shared space by purchasing a table for their house.

Also in the upcoming episode, Howard is offered the chance to go back to space, and Bernadette is struggling with whether or not she should encourage him to go again. If she is worried about it, it must be a long space trip. While the couple is still newly married, Howard went away to space right after they were married, which caused a lot of strain on both of them. What fans have seen of their relationship this season has been loving but a little rocky. Could Howard going back in space push them apart further?

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