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'The Big Bang Theory' finale preview: Sheldon will have a freak out

Fans of "The Big Bang Theory" were shocked when Leonard and Penny ended up engaged at the end of the last episode. Now, they need to tell the world about their plans to marry, and it will have a huge impact on one very special person in their lives. It isn't their parents either. Telling Sheldon will set off a meltdown for him. On May 13, Spoiler TV shared a sneak peek for the episode, "The Big Bang Theory" episode 7x24 titled "The Status Quo Combustion."

The Big Bang Theory engagement will set things off for Sheldon.
The Big Bang Theory CBS Twitter

Leonard being engaged means some changes will need to be made. A young married couple will need their very own space, and Leonard will ask Sheldon to move across the hall. This triggers a huge moment for Sheldon, and that moment is featured in the sneak peek. He is ranting about all the changes happening in his life, and Amy is by his side. She does try to calm him, but the strawberry quik only works for a second before he is ranting again.

The engagement news will really change something in Sheldon. Jim Parsons teased to TV Line that Sheldon will leave. He will vanish off some place, and he doesn't even know where he is gone. He won't know until he reads the first script for season eight. Parsons also teased that Sheldon will need to make some changes next season, and the character is very resistant to change. Leonard and Penny getting engaged might force him to change in order to keep up though.

CBS has already renewed this series for three more seasons, so fans will have more out of Leonard, Sheldon, and the gang before CBS says good-bye. The series has been a top ratings grabber for CBS since the start, and a three season renewal shows viewers just how much faith CBS has in this comedy series.

What do you think? How will the engagement impact Sheldon? What will happen to him next season? Share your thoughts below.

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