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'The Big Bang Theory': Big 3's contracts worth every penny

The public continues to embrace CBS' old-school situation comedy.
The public continues to embrace CBS' old-school situation comedy.
Photo by Kevin Winter

Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco agreed to new three-year contracts with Warner Bros. Television that will bump their salaries on 'The Big Bang Theory' to the magic one-million dollar per episode mark. Depending upon the vibe of the times and various cultural influences, some within popular culture want to bash the rich whenever success is apparent. But, that envious urge is often wrong and always revealing.

Responses should always be readied whenever someone decides that another person isn't worth the money. Cynics are people who are ever-ready to complain. However, those who possess that personality type generally are only prepared to offer some hypothetical balm to cure the supposed ills of society. Honest souls don't begrudge the success other people have achieved.

How does one navigate the Hollywood maze in order to score at a casting call? How does one determine the exact value of the actors who embody 'Sheldon', 'Leonard' and 'Penny'? What price was paid to develop their talent? What does it take to learn how to deliver in every scene?

Detractors who believe that someone isn't worth a set amount of money must also think that a lower price can be determined. Of course, anyone who doesn't work in the entertainment industry would purely be guessing at claimed knowledge of the passing scene.

Obviously, there are many individuals whose established connections open doors. But, that doesn't automatically mean someone is undeserving of their star. People in every walk of life generally help their family members and friends, so it makes perfect sense that the same sentiment holds true in the world of make-believe.

The public continues to embrace CBS' old-school situation comedy. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady have created an indelible universe that is sure to expand through many generations. Everyone in the ensemble, including: Simon Helberg ('Howard'), Kunal Nayyar ('Raj'), Melissa Rauch ('Bernadette') and Mayim Bialik ('Amy') have combined their collective talents to generate many memorable episodes. No one should covet what those solid actors earn as well.

People who exhibit exceptional ability attract and then maintain their own success. Considering that this particular show has actually grown in popularity during its run, inside a highly-fragmented TV arena no less, is hardly a theory. And so, show devotees know that there's only one more word that should be relayed to the masses: Bazinga!

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