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The Big Bang or Big Fizzle

The Six Days of Genesis

The Big Bang Theory that supposedly gives the explanation to the origin of the universe has many unanswered questions on how that came about. Here is just four of the many questions for evolutionists to ponder upon :

1. How did the original smaller than an atom seed of mass-energy originate?

2. Why did this smaller than an atom seed become unstable and explode?

3. From such an explosion, how did planets, stars, and galaxies eventually form?

4. How did all the orderly laws and constants of nature arise?

There is no easy answers to these basic questions. The naturalistic view has no clear mechanism for the formation of a single star, let alone the rest of space. The Big Bang Theory is based on theoretical extremes. It may look good in math calculations, but it cannot actually happen. A tiny bit of something smaller than an atom that was packed so tightly together that it blew up and produced all the matter in the universe. Seriously this is a fairy tale among fairy tales. It is a bunch of armchair calculations, and nothing else. Even if the Big Bang occurred, it would of fizzled out before it got started.

The first law of thermodynamics refutes the Big Bang because it says the universe cannot create itself naturally. Yet this is exactly what the evolution model implies. It says only natural laws resulted in its existence. The creation model, however, says that something outside of natural laws (supernatural) created the universe. The creation model explanation does not contradict the first law of thermodynamics. It was a supernatural act that "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1:1) Thus the created universe, that God created, suddenly appeared. The earth came first; the sun, moon, and stars were later formed on the fourth day of creation week. Over the course of six unique 24 hour days a vast quantity of direct energy was input to the universe from the Creator's infinite supply. Stars and galaxies suddenly existed in all their grand variety, much as we see them today. Certainly this miraculous formation completely defies physical laws and also human understanding. But this is precisely the definition of creation week, a period of unparalleled universe construction. Let God be true and every man a liar, for He was the only one there, "In the beginning".

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