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The Big Apple gets a taste of Austin


Deadbeat Darling

Austin Music Examiner mentioned a band called Deadbeat Darling in it's recent SXSW coverage, and promised a profile on this band, and it's former Austin musician/frontman Joseph King. In keeping with it's promise, AME recently spoke with Jospeh King  and he explained how he ended up in New York, and how it felt being back home for SXSW.

Austin Music Examiner: How did Deadbeat Darling get its lineup and get started?
Joseph King: I moved to NYC in October of 2005 from Austin. I was writing new material and playing solo shows, and through a couple of happenstance run-ins, I met up with Sanjay and our original drummer Alex Wong. We began playing shows as a trio in Spring 2006, then added Mohit in early 2007 and named the band Deadbeat Darling. Alex left the band in September of 2009, and Evan took his place shortly after. And here we are...
Austin Music Examiner: You used to front Austin band, Canvas...explain a little about that
Joseph: I was the frontman and primary songwriter for Canvas from 1998-2005. We had a great run and all those guys are still family to me. We were a real-deal live in a band house, tour in a van, play, party, live and die together kind of band. I loved the whole experience and met a plethora of beautiful souls through Canvas. We lived hard though and the whole experience sort of ran its course by the end I think. Everyone's moved on to bigger and better things. Well, sort of...
Austin Music Examiner: The band played a few shows at the recent SXSW, how was it coming back home and playing?
Joseph: This was honestly one of the most enjoyable SXSW experiences of my life. No pressure, just a bunch of shows and a crazy entourage kicking around town with us. So happy to see old friends at all the shows, and equally as happy to have so many NYC people down with us.
Austin Music Examiner: What can be seen from Deadbeat Darling this year?
Joseph: We are going to start recording our next album this Summer for sure. Expect some sort of release, probably a single and B-side by Fall, and another full length early next year. Also, we are making our first trip out to the West Coast in May, and are planning a full tour of the East Coast, Texas and Midwest in the early Fall. So lots I suppose...
Austin Music Examiner: Does Deadbeat Darling travel outside New York often? If so, how often and where do yall tend to go?
Joseph: We play regionally quite a bit - Boston, Connecticut, DC etc... We also tend to make our way down to Texas and the Midwest. We love Texas. And we love you too.
Deadbeat Darling info can be found on: Facebook, twitter, and Myspace. Deadbeat Darling is a highly recommended Austin Music Examiner pick, with charasmatic songs and soul they have made themselves one to watch.
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