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The best workout for your money.

It is incredible what can motivate you in a heart beat. I have a daughter on the way and the best thing about her is she motivates me to be the best person that I can be.

I will eventually set up my own gym in my garage by going on craigslist and purchasing a few pieces of equipment but at the moment I will tell you how else I have been working out For Free!!!

This article will let you in on the ways that people spend money on the things they can do at home, saving them sometimes around $600 a year. That's not peanuts! A few things always to keep in mind are you health and safety always. So of course if you don't feel ready to commit to a heavy workout ask your doctor in advance. (Warning Label)

The list below will be a direct way to get you in shape.

  • Resistance band
  • Flat bench
  • Free weights
  • Aerobics ball (optional)
  • Near by Park
  • Sand bag (Taped up to prevent spill)

I will go from the top on this one and for each of the listed below I am sure the thousands of videos that you have access to on you tube can help you in your quest to be fit.

First, it is the resistance band, some say it is the best stretching you can do. I believe you can tone yourself up very well with this little advice. Also you can bring it any where and do any exercise with it.

Second, The flat bench along with the free weights can be a deadly combination. You can do anything with this pair. Bench, curls, back extensions pretty much anything you can think of.

Third, the park and the sand bag. My friend Paul recently introduced me to this idea. Not only does it get you out of the house, but a park usually has a basketball course, monkey bars for pulls ups if you are able. The bag can be any weight, it is all up to your ability. That is for you to figure out. I am 160lbs. I have a 70lbs punching bag that I work out with, it is perfect for me because I have work a lot so the mornings I stroll down to the park which is usually empty. I get my one hour or possibly two hour work out in without planning to go to the gym, without paying extra cost to feel uncomfortable. It is just me and nature.

To finish this article up I want you to think again how much you are spending on your membership to the gym. I want you to times the month you pay by 12! 30X12=$360.

Now let me review the cost of the things that I listed. Resistance band=$5, flat bench=$30 on craigslist, free weights 10's, 20's, 30's=$40 (maybe), Sandbag=$5, and the park is free. So maybe $80 dollars out of your budget for the equipment that you will have for a very long time and not have to worry about another bill for the rest of your life.

Forget the gym membership and commit to the free workout, and trust me you will be satisfied.

yours truly Robert T Castro.


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