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The best ways to get good food without leaving your pajamas

Munchery, Plated, Sprig
Munchery, Plated, Sprig
Munchery, Plated, Sprig

I love food. I love Netflix. I love trying new restaurants and going out to eat at chic, bougie hot spots… but I love the comfort of my own home even more. Options like Eat24 and GrubHub are nice, but there’s a group of food delivery startups cropping up that are really getting my attention.

Munchery boasts an impressive roster of local chefs and their daily meal options look deliciously enticing. The best part? All you need is your microwave and the ability to push the “Start” button.

Sprig is a good option for the busiest (or laziest?) of orderers – it arrives already made and ready to eat. They don’t have nearly the amount of options as Munchery, but seem to be a suitable alternative with Google’s former chef at the helm. They take the mobile-first approach and do not offer in-browser ordering.

Blue Apron is for the more ambitious and curious, as it offers perfectly portioned ingredients to easily make recipes at-the-ready. When you’re only cooking for one or two, often times extra ingredients or leftovers go to waste – Blue Apron aims to eliminate that.

Plated is an alternative option to Blue Apron, but it runs a bigger price tag (and hidden monthly “membership” fees). However, they aim for locally-sourced ingredients, boast a recyclable, biodegradable box, and team up with various chefs to bring you a variety of options.

So whether you’re a serial homebody, needing to catch up on your favorite show, or just feel like staying in tonight, San Francisco has got a meal delivery option for everyone.