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The Best way to switch to Apple's MacBook Pro is to use the One to One tutoring service in Salem NH

And you wondered why Apple didn't ask me to produce their logo?
And you wondered why Apple didn't ask me to produce their logo?
Gail Hunter 2010

The best way to break your Microsoft Windows' habits and replace them with Apple's fingering is to purchase the One-to-One help program.  Yes, it's one more thing they keep trying to sell you, but this is worth it. It costs $99.00 and allows you one year of unlimited tutoring.  In a relatively short time, you can really take a bite out of that Apple.

They have several ways you can take advantage of this program. From bottom to top they are listed here in terms of intensity:

  1. The Genius Bar - Small technical problem, how do I? and such, usually requiring around 15 minutes of a specialist dedicated to you. Complimenary
  2. The Group Workshops - small groups meet with an advisor during a three-hour period. You can come and go during that period. Complimentary
  3. One to One - if you have some computer savvy and just want some quick tricks to achieve what you've been doing on Windows, this is very effective. Also good for learning more complicated specific actions. $99 for one year unlimited

The Group Workshops cover a multitude of topics at different hours. If you want to be amazed by the variety of things you can learn to do on the Mac, go online to see what's offered.

Earlier posts discussed the 'why' and 'how' of making the switch. This will discuss some of the extras that make the Mac experience more satisfying.

  • Problem: Lack of more than two USB ports. If you use Verizon's air card, it is so wide it covers two ports
  • Answer: Buy a 'hub' - a gadget that fits into one port, but incorporates 4 ports. This will connect cameras, under-computer fans, external hard drives, etc.
  • Problem: The hub lowers the power of the Verizon air card with the result that pages time-out before opening.
  • Answer: And this, I love! Verizon has something called MIFI2200. It's a gizmo about the size of a playing card. It's wireless and can provice Internet access for up to five computers.

Basicly, you become a mini 'hot spot'. You better believe your friends will be impressed, or should be.

The last session showed clues to using color tabs to organize files. Need to find pages about money matters? Simple - green tabs. Health info? Red tabs. Or should that have been saved for the IRS?

Next, the iTunes feature will be discussed - after learning more about it at the next One to One session. So far, so good - this is being written as Handel's Water Music Suite is chirping away in the background - acting like a metronome for typing.

And then? Perhaps the iPod. It is also a camera, takes movies and talks! Keep coming back and learn with me. When they get scratch and sniff, maybe we'll serve up a bowl of clam chowda! If you want to be alerted to the rest of this 'know your Apple' posts, subscribe to these and an e-mail will tell you when there is a new one.

Keep your head clear, your fingers nimble, and MacBook Pro success can be yours!

From Exeter (the hub) there are two choices: Portsmouth or Salem, NH.  I have chosen Salem - it's a little further but it's a full Apple store.  The one in Portsmouth (on US 1) is a reseller and doesn't have all the 'stuff.'

There are two routes to the Apple Store from Exeter -

One is 20 miles longer via Interstate, but 10 mins. quicker: The Interstate way

The second takes the back roads, is shorter, prettier, but takes more time: The backroads way

And when you get there, drive to the lower deck and turn right at the mall.  There is an entrance through Penney's that will put you fairly near the central staircase on your left - that's where you'll find the Apple Store.


  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    I'm learning more about Apple from you than I have from any other outlet. However, I'm still stubbornly sticking to my PC based computer.

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