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The Best Way to Remove Stains Naturally

Natural methods for removing stains
Natural methods for removing stains
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Bleach is the most common method today for removing stains from clothing. However bleach is an acid which means every time you use it, it literally eats away at your clothes. And while on its own its not toxic, the gas it releases can trigger allergy and asthma attacks.

The internet is full of natural ways to get rid of stains, including sunning, lemon juice and peroxide. So this morning I tested all 3, in addition to bleach, to see which method worked best.


I cut up an old bath towel and stained it with mustard. I sat the towel in the sun 8 hours to let the stain really sit in. I then washed the towel, cut it up into 4 pieces, labeled each one - bleach, sun, lemon juice and peroxide, and then applied methods respectively. I then placed them all in the sun for 4 hours to see how much the stains improved. The picture here shows the results. Sunning alone proved to be the next best method for whitening, next to bleach.