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The Best Vacuum on Amazon is the Hoover Tempo

Hoover Tempo
Hoover Tempo

Amongst vacuums currently being sold on Amazon the Hoover Tempo stands out as the best buy. At $79.95 it has long been considered the best vacuum under $100, and its basic tried and true design hasn’t been significantly altered over the years. Consumers can be confident that the latest model will continue to meet their expectations.

The tempo comes with the basic attachments on board which include a stretch hose, two extension wands, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a furniture nozzle. It has a 12 amp motor, 15” cleaning path, and variable height adjustment. Hoover puts a one year warranty on the machine against manufacturing defects, so it’s important to keep the receipt.

The Tempo is very similar to the more expensive Hoover Windtunnel by appearance and design, but the expensive differences of the Windtunnel are also its downfall. In the vacuum industry, simpler is definitely better. Bells and Whistles tend to be problematic. Features such as self-propel and dirt sensors are cheaply made. These devices are used as selling points more so than they are improvements to the performance of the machine, and lead to expensive repairs down the road. The absence of these extras on the Tempo actually makes it more appealing.

Maintenance on the machine is fairly easy. There is a single flat belt that needs to be changed about every six months. Belts shouldn’t cost more than $5.00 for a two pack. It takes type “Y” bags, which is one of Hoover’s most popular and therefore easily located products, and start around $5.00 for a 3 pack. The machine has two filters that can be cleaned or replaced. Filters can be cut from filter material, and several filters can be made from one sheet that costs around $10.00. All in all, it is a very inexpensive machine to maintain.

If the vacuum has a downfall, it is the brush roller. Like most uprights on the market today, the brush roller has metal ball bearings surrounded by plastics roller ends. During prolonged use, the bearings can heat up, melting the ends, and destroying the roller. It is best not to run the machine without break for long periods of time. In comparison to the competition though, this is a minor flaw.

Hoover Tempo can be found online at and many other popular sites, but if customers want to save even more, is currently offering free shipping on this model. They are also available at most independent dealers in the Indianapolis area.