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The Best Travel Destinations for Singles

Las Vegas offers those wishing to travel solo plenty of things to see and do
Las Vegas offers those wishing to travel solo plenty of things to see and do
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There is no need to have a significant other when planning a vacation, there are plenty of vacation hot spots for singles. Some locations cater to the single life offering plenty of night clubs and adult entertainment, while others offer an escape from reality and a relaxing vacation destination. Whether traveling to another country or staying in the United States, you are sure to find somewhere to vacation where other singles travel to.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a place to go if looking for a lot of dancing and a chance to be swept off your feet. Get out on the dance floor with a mysterious stranger and dance the tango. The city is not only elegant, but full of adventurous activities and tours.

After dancing the night away, spend a day touring some of the area's popular tourist sites. Local places to visit include Plaza de Mayo, Congressional Plaza, Palermo Park and La Recoleta Cemetery. Tours of these local hot spots, museums, art galleries and parks offer an insight to Buenos Aires' history.

Las Vegas

Also known as Sin City, Las Vegas is a place where singles gather to party, dance, gamble and be around other singles looking for non-stop action. Many singles travel to Las Vegas for parties, looking for love or to just get away from day-to-day life. Nightlife activities include everything from bars, clubs, strip joints and cabarets.

The most intriguing thing about visiting Vegas as a single person is the city never sleeps and the party can last all weekend long. Party hot spots include Pure, LAX and Vanity, plus singles have been known to travel up and down the strip in search of the next party spot. Everywhere in Vegas is a party hot spot.


Miami is not just a popular destination for singles during spring break, it is a year round vacation destination filled with beaches, bars and parties. The city offers plenty of nightclubs, including those frequented by celebrities. The South Beach area offers plenty of beach, dining, clubs and shopping venues for singles to explore.

The best thing about Miami is that is it a great vacation destination year-round and offers sunny weather perfect for singles to spend the day at the beach soaking up the sun. The area is also filled with recreational activities, including boating, surfing, swimming, beach sports and parasailing.

Hopefully these locations will give you some ideas to help plan your next singles vacation.

Happy traveling!!

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