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The best time to see Cambridge MA is now, when it's blooming!

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This past week, residents of Massachusetts and the whole of New England were finally treated to a week of lovely weather, which is a welcome thing after surviving the brutal cold of this past winter. The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is definitely worth a stroll during the blooming of Spring. The historic streets of Cambridge are charming - lined with big, old trees and lovely Victorian multi-colored houses. Couple the charming, historic qualities of the streets and homes with blooming trees galore and the never-ending song of birds come to nest from the south – and you have a lovely afternoon walk!
The slideshow included here, with photos taken in the last few days, represents every Massachusetts resident’s salvation. The appearance of these tiny blooms in the trees means that the beautiful summer is on its way, and that the most beautiful two or three weeks of Spring is about to begin in Cambridge. Finally we can leave our oil-heated winter caves and enjoy the sunlight again!
There is plenty of walking to do around Cambridge that will keep you busy. Prevention Magazine recently declared Cambridge the No.1 city for walking in the US (! What Prevention Magazine’s article failed to mention is that Cambridge (and Boston alike) are not the best cities to go for walks in for about 5 or 6 months out of the year, because of the abysmal weather! However, when the Spring and Summer come, Massachusetts as a whole is a wonderful State to explore.
The blooms shown here in the slideshow pictures will only multiply in the coming days, and will transform Cambridge into a gorgeous display of multi-colored flowering trees, which is made all the more charming because these colors parallel beautifully with the multi-colored homes along the residential streets! Everyone, visitors or residents of neighboring towns, should consider a long afternoon walk in Cambridge. The residential streets surrounding Harvard are the most beautifully-maintained, and visitors can make a day trip out of the planned walk, by visiting some of Harvard’s amazing museums. Click below to check out the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.
Besides visiting Harvard, there are also Harvard Square, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Central Square and various other locations worth a visit. Of course, all these locations are also surrounded by flowering residential streets! Click below for the city’s official website that includes tips for walking in Cambridge and Boston. And be sure to check out the inspiring slideshow of lovely Cambridge blooms!

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