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The best super foods for men's health

tomato pasta sauce
Photo Credit: Heather Collins
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 Although women are often generally more concerned about their health and more aware of how to keep themselves healthy, men are becoming more interested in natural ways to give their health a boost in the right direction. The best super foods for men target some of men's most important health zones: prostate and overall energy and stamina.

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene, which you may have already been aware of. Studies show that this important nutrient can reduce prostate cancer risk by around 35 percent. One of the best sources for lycopene is cooked tomatoes, so don't feel bad about eating lasagna and spaghetti. One trick to be aware of is that if you eat foods high in beta carotene (carrots or bell peppers, for example) along with foods high in lycopene, your body will better absorbed the lycopene and transfer it to where it really counts - your prostate.

  • Salmon

This omega rich fish is a super star when it comes to heart health. Because it's packed with omega-3 oils, it will help protect against heart disease and arterial disease. Salmon can be baked with some extra-virgin olive oil, which is also good for your heart.

  • Blueberries

This deep blue berry is packed with nutrients called flavonoids that help to maintain proper memory function. Great ways to include berries in your diet include blending them in a smoothie as well as adding them to your breakfast cereal or yogurt.

  • Green Tea

One main concern with men as they age is their stamina and energy, which is where green tea plays a huge role. Green tea has been found to help regulate your metabolism, which means your body digests and processes your food better and turns the energy-rich food into exactly that: pure energy to fuel your body.

Studies also showed that men whose diets were high in these nutrients below were less likely to develop an enlarged prostate later in life:

  • Vitamin C: think carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato
  • Beta-carotene: think spinach, winter squash, carrots, kale
  • Potassium: think bananas, broccoli, cantaloupe

The most important part, however, is to focus on consuming a diet rich in a variety of foods. Try not to get hung up on focusing on one food simply because it contains one important nutrient. Eat a diet that includes heart healthy nutrients (walnuts, salmon, olive oil) as well as nutrients that will nourish your body by providing essential nutrients (spinach, broccoli, brown rice).


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