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The best summer tips for skin

Skin Care Heaven offers the best summer skin care tips and advice for healthy skin
Skin Care Heaven offers the best summer skin care tips and advice for healthy skin
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Summer is finally here and just about everyone wants to head outside and play in the sun. But before heading to the beach, pool, tennis courts or points beyond, there are some important things to pack into that tote which includes sunscreen and a little advice.

Skin Care Heaven, a skin care research center and e-commerce store based in San Diego, has some tips and tricks to keep skin healthy all summer long.

First of all, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.

Applying sunscreen is the first, best thing a person can do to avoid premature aging of the skin. Overexposure to the sun is the number one reason for premature aging of skin and skin cancer. Another advantage of slathering on sunscreen is avoiding a painful sunburn.

Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen and reapply frequently, especially if a person is in and out of the water or perspires a lot during the day.

Use it about 30 minutes before going outside and don’t forget applying it to the ears, back of legs, and the top of hands and feet.

And don’t neglect those lips which should be covered with a SPF lip balm.

Sunscreens have come a long way in a few years. They are no longer goopy and thick.

Some are intended to use under makeup and come in tinted shades.

And remember to stay hydrated. Drink just good old water to keep the body well hydrated and skin soft. If water is not your drink of choice, infuse it with the taste of summer by adding sliced pineapple, cucumber and other scrumptious fruits.

Keep skin hydrated as well. Summer skin needs more attention than usual. A body lotion or body butter after showering will keep it soft; and, they all come in anti-aging formulas.

For the face, use lotions made especially for it, not body lotions. Look for a facial moisturizer with anti-aging ingredients, as well.

Most of us clean our faces twice a day, but summer perspiration can bring breakouts, so add an additional cleaning, if needed.

Don’t forget to exfoliate every week to keep skin glowing.

These summertime tips are a surefire way to keep skin healthy, youthful and luminous.

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