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The best spring cocktail you can make at home

Toast to spring with this refreshing drink.
Fieldhouse Kitchen

New York is known for its drinks, among other things. Think Manhattans and Long Island Iced Teas. It’s also rumored to be the birthplace of the Bloody Mary.

And nowhere else is the time-honored tradition of grabbing drinks more cherished than at New York City’s watering holes.

But cocktails are pricey — especially those made by the city’s esteemed mixologists who turn the very act of shaking up drinks into a work of wonder and awe-inspiring art.

So why not bring the cocktail party home?

Shake up this minty refreshing 3-ingredient cocktail and garnish with a cucumber for the ultimate toast to warmer weather.

Bottoms up:

2 oz. gin
lime juice (adjust to your taste)
crushed mint
cucumber, for garnish

Serve on the rocks.

Head over to Fieldhouse Kitchen for more recipes and ideas inspired by cooking with minimal space, supplies and money in a New York City studio.

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