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The Best Sledding in Ann Arbor

Rolling Hills sledding: The Best
Rolling Hills sledding: The Best
Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation

Everyone has a sledding story and favorite hill. My question is, where is the best place to sled in Ann Arbor?

Because it is not a rural area the parks in the Ann Arbor area are a great place to start when looking for great sledding hills. One park in particular stands out and that is Rolling Hills.

This Washtenaw County Park is located at 7660 Stony Creek Road in Ypsilanti and is made up of 363 acres of land. However, there is one hill that stands out the most during these winter months. The length of the sledding hill at Rolling Hills is 275 feet of fun. This number sounds big, but it looks even bigger and appealing in person.

The hill is set up to accommodate all types of sledding expertise. At the top of the hill the width is 70 feet. This gives plenty of room for those first timers or the thrill seekers who want to go fast. Two other cool things about the hill are the fenced in return paths up the hill and the flat, wide-open area at the bottom. These three factors: great length, ample stopping area and safe return paths make this sledding experience the best in Ann Arbor. However, some might disagree.

The winter is drawing to a close, but the way it looks outside lately you wouldn't know it. For the young and old sledding represents fun times and Rolling Hills might be the best place for it.

For more information, call (734) 484-7696. If you don't have a sled, don't worry. Rentals are available.


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