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The best ski spots near Montreal

A day on the slopes
A day on the slopesLucila De Avila |

Although there are no downhill ski resorts in the heart of Montreal, there are many renowned resorts located not that far away. Here is a list of 10 favorites:

  1. Mont-Tremblant: Located 90 minutes north of Montreal in the Laurentians. It's the #1 ski resort in Eastern North America. It even has its own airport. It has 95 trails and a high vertical drop of 649m.
  2. Bromont: Located 75 minutes in the Eastern Townships. It's the largest lit ski area in North America. It has 135 trails, 69 of which can be used for night skiing. Its highest peak is 405m.
  3. Sutton: Located 75 minutes also in the Eastern Townships, Mont Sutton is home to 53 trails and lies at a vertical drop of 457m.
  4. St. Sauveur:  Located only 45 North of Montreal. It has 38 trails, 30 of which are open for night skiing. Its highest peak lies at 213m.
  5. Mont Blanc:  Also in the Laurentians, Mont Blanc is another favorite ski resort. It has 41 trails and a vertical drop of 305m.
  6. Mont Orford:  At 90 minutes into the Eastern Townships, Mont Orford has 61 trails and a high 850m peak.
  7. Owl's Head: Also in the Eastern Twonships, 80 minutes away from Montreal, lies Owl's Head. It has 45 trails and is 540m at its highest peak.
  8. Morin Heights:  Located in the Laurentians only 55 minutes away from Montreal. It has 24 trails, 16 of which are open for night skiing. Its highest altitude is 200m.
  9. Mont Olympia: Also in the Laurentians, only 48 minutes from Montreal. It has 25 trails 19 of which are open for night skiing. Its highest peak is 200m.
  10. Mont Avila:  In the Laurentians, only 45 minutes away from Montreal, lies Avila. It has 11 trails, 8 of which are available for night skiing. It has a vertical drop of 188m.