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The Best Self Help Book On The Planet!

Psychology has long known the importance of positive thinking and its amazing effects upon the mind. There are countless books that fill the bookstore shelves devoted to changing thought patterns for peace and happiness. Yes the self improvement industry is still alive and thriving. But one has to wonder why it’s still thriving. After all if these books are so powerful and life changing then why are more and more of them being published every year? This is not meant to downgrade self help books or respected authors many lives have been changed for the better and many knowledgeable experts educate and contribute immensely to society. No instead it is simply meant to raise the vital point that positive thinking alone is not a means to an end. It may help us to conquer certain problems but it cannot set us free in all areas as some books claim. Why? Because positive thinking alone simply does not restore our relationship with God. Only God can satisfy our soul!

No instead of just "positive thinking" we need “right thinking”. But what is right thinking? Well in essence it is the infallible written word of God (Bible). The Bible says" As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.(Isaiah 55:9). We do not naturally think the thoughts of God after all we didn't create the universe or lay its foundations (Job 38:4) instead we think like human beings and humans need direction and lots of guidance. Wouldn't you agree that the creator knows more than the created? You see the carnal mind (man who has not received Jesus Christ) cannot understand or fathom God and his ways, they seem silly to him. The Bible says that to the Greeks Jesus was “foolishness” and to the Jews he was a “stumbling block”. (1 Corinthians 1:23). You have to realize that back in Bible times the world was mainly divided into Greeks and Jews. The Greeks were deep thinkers and philosophers while the Jews had their traditions, prophets and the law. But Jesus came to set us free and fulfill the law! Without getting too deep into Bible study let’s just say that a person needs to be accept Jesus Christ into their heart (Romans 10:19, John 3:3) after a person becomes born-again or saved his spirit is made brand new! (2nd Corinthians 5:17) Now he suddenly finds himself yearning new spiritual things and he cannot truly understand why; nonetheless it is so. In essence it is a spiritual awakening and cannot be fully understood by the human mind.

We are spirit, soul and body, we were created by God and only he can restore us to that place of full peace and fulfillment. That Bible calls it a peace that goes beyond understanding. (Phil 4:6) You see the mind is not something we can put in a jar but the brain can be seen and analyzed. Human beings are multi-dimensional creatures and science is truly only beginning to scrape the surface of what the mind is capable of and the potential of the human brain. However science bases it’s conclusions solely upon measurable evidence while God is a spirit and created the universe. But there is a heart cry for God deep within all of us; a void that only he can fill!

Jesus Christ died for all of mankind! And the free gift of salvation is open to all! Friends the Bible is the greatest self help book on the planet! Accept him into your heart today and you'll never be the same! God bless you all!

By Gordon E. Dawe

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