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The best of the blonde; Who wore it better

Every since new mom Kim Kardashian posted photos of her new blonde hair, Hollyweird has been going bananas over her dramatic change from black to blonde. Although the realty star posted photos last year of her new do, the trend continues on to 2014. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Lauren London have both posted photos of their new blonde locks and loving it.

Black Celebs who went blonde.
Keke Palmer
Dumb Blonde or just visiting?
Celebs gone blonde

Going blonde isn't simple and not everyone can pull it off. Grammy winner Beyonce has always went from fully golden brown, to blonde, to bronze, but today it seems as if keeping the roots black is the new trend. I guess that keeps you from being a dumb blonde!

Dying your hair is something you should not try on your own, always let a professional handle the coloring. Bleaching and dying could be damaging to your hair, so aim for pre-colored weaves or dyed hair pieces that mirror the natural blonde look.

Some of the best hair coloring products are L'oreal Paris and Revlon Frost & Grow. For thick textured or coursed hair, Clairol Textures & Tones will do the trick. Youtube also has tons of "how to" videos if you dare (not recommended) to try it on your own. Has affordable prices on hair care products for all types.

Once you've dyed it, the real job starts with the upkeep and maintenance of your hair, making sure your hair doesn't brittle or dry out. Keep in mind, celebrities have around clock beauty squads that keep them glowing so aim to be realistic.

Check out the slideshow for the celebs who pulled off the blonde trend.

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