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The Best of Spring Fashion - and how to wear it

Yes, sports items make a huge splash this season! (just don't forget the leggings or skinny jeans)
Yes, sports items make a huge splash this season! (just don't forget the leggings or skinny jeans)

We've had a Spring teaser this weekend with temperatures tenaciously moving in the plus range, and picture perfect sunny, blue skies. Now's the time to think about that warmer weather wardrobe. 

Retailers are displaying the most fabulous fashion finds and interpretations of what's shown on world-wide runways, and countless magazines are quick to note what's "in" this season. 

Sure, that's great and all... But was does this all mean for your closet?

The following is not only the 'best of the best' for Spring, but shows how you can actually wear the trends. Here it goes: 

Sporty & Savvy - Undoubtedly, this comfortable and practical trend will be embraced by people from all walks of life. Fashionable street wear that takes you from work to the gym and out and about again? Ok, now you've got peoples' attention! 

But please, this doesn't mean sloppy or baggy athletic gear. Take an anorak or hoodie (as shown in pic) and pair it with leggings or skinny jeans. You can always make it fun and feminine by adding a hot lace-up boot, ballet shoe or colourful flat. Another version of the sports look: Take a muted, soft tunic and team it with sports shorts and those creatively designed sneakers. 

Note: Generally, if you're wearing something sleek and short on the bottom, the top can cover more skin and have a bit more breathing room. Roomy and comfy on top? Go sleek and streamlined on the bottom. And accessorize with 'soft & pretty' items like those bling rings, nifty necklaces, bang-on bangles and silk scarves.

Boudoir - Yep, lingerie items in sheer fabrics will hit the stores this season. Kinda/sorta like that Material Girl look. Yikes, you're thinking, "This is way on the other end of the spectrum!" Ok, maybe, but here's how to do it in a practical sense: Take a lacy tunic or cocktail dress and pair it with elegant pearls and a bright shade of lipstick. 

Note: No matter what the 'experts' say, please, please ... save those see-through tops for the boudoir! 

Die hard Denim - Faded denim, classic denim, chewed up and ripped up denim... it's all good. And go ahead and wear it in the great many ways you've been doing so. Ripped up, faded denim with sky high heels with a bit of blitz looks fab on a dance floor.

Or pair that denim dress with `60s inspired suede boots and wide belt to create a chic, casual outfit. If you're lovin' that loose, boy-like denim shirt with your fav jeans, try rolling up it's sleeves. Then add a sexy tunic under the shirt and add trendy accessories. Instead of trailer park, you'll look Paris runway. 

OCD Clean & Minimalistic - Clean lines, muted, monotone colours and soft fabrics are the epitome of modern urban wear. 

Throw on an easy-to-wear tunic in a neutral shade. But don't walk out the door just yet! Pair it with some strappy sandals or those 'shoe booties' we're seeing everywhere, add a belt and a streamlined clutch or handbag. If the tunic or dress is in a neutral tone, the shoes, belt and bracelet can be in the same colour range - but try darker, deeper hues. 

Fun & Futuristic - All those trendy urban fashionistas will stop traffic with this look. It's a chance to play with kaleidescope colours and prints, metallics, plastic-type fabrics and other innovative materials. 

How to pull this one off? Um, ask your friend. You know, the one who's up on all the latest trends. 

Colour you beautiful - Hottest hues this season (especially for those must-have new shoes and accessories): Shocking pinks, courageous corals, sunset shades, colour me happy yellows, and deep sea blues. 

The most important thing to remember though, when you're caught up in all that shopping europhia, is to dress for your body type. You may want to force feed a plate of fries to the freakishly thin girl in the dressing room next to you, but she probably wishes too sometimes, that she had some major curves!

So make the most of your genes and stick to the jeans that complement - not complicate - your personal style.


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