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The best of men examines Ludwig Guttmann, the man behind the Paralympics

The man and his men (and women)
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A special event: The 2014 Paralympic Winter Games are taking place in Sochi, Russia from March 7-16.
Get a head start of the man behind this year’s Paralympics. PBS Distribution will be releasing The Best of Men, a DVD biography about Sir Ludwig Guttmann, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, that tells the heart-warming and uplifting true story of the birth of the Paralympic Games. The documentary also sheds light on the achievements of Dr. Guttmann, an unsung hero who revolutionized life for paraplegics. Dr. Guttmann arrived at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in England in 1944 and reinvigorated the lives of his staff and patients with one daring move: he introduced athletics into the rehabilitation plan of his patients, paralyzed soldiers who had been cast-off and were facing death from neglect. Guttmann rejected the general view that paralysis was a terminal condition and established an entirely new care regime. Using sport, his patients learn to build not only physical strength, but self-respect and a sense of fulfillment.
A rewarding look starring Eddie Marsan as Dr. Guttmann.

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