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The Best of LEGOLAND Florida

San Francisco Miniland in LEGOLAND Florida. What incredible detail!
San Francisco Miniland in LEGOLAND Florida. What incredible detail!
Lori Metze

LEGOLAND in Florida is billed as a 150-acre LEGO-lovers dream, especially for those LEGOmaniacs who are 2-12 years of age. I took my very first look at LEGLOLAND just a couple of months ago. I am older than 12 (barely), but my husband and I have a child who is 10. On the premise of “all this is just for you, son” I felt free to unabashedly enjoy every bit of it. Miniland, by itself, is an architectural wonder and if you haven’t seen it (no matter what your age), I have a new item for your bucket list.

Best Attraction in LEGOLAND

Miniland consists of little LEGO worlds, built piece-by-piece by LEGO masters. In a lushly landscaped clearing in the middle of the park, guests can walk from display to intricately detailed display. I could have spent all day here exploring Daytona International Speedway, Florida, the Kennedy Space Center, Pirate’s Shores, California (featuring the Golden Gate Bridge), New York City, Washington DC, the Las Vegas strip and a whole series of famous Star Wars locations. The detail on each tiny building is incredible! Some displays have movement such as a marching band, LEGO vehicles that drive themselves, steam emitting from a space shuttle, and an erupting fountain (in front of the Mirage hotel). I doubt I could take it all in in less than 15 visits. You must see this for yourself.

Best Ride in LEGOLAND

The Lost Kingdom Adventure is an interactive laser-blasting ride set in a LEGO Egyptian landscape. The thrill here is all about brother vs. sister or parent vs. child. The (very large) mini figs glow in the dark and squealing can be heard throughout. My laser hunting skills are quite weak even after a few times through. I was soundly beaten by my sister (and everyone else). I'd do it again in a second.

Best Souvenir in LEGOLAND

Before setting foot in LEGOLAND, I was reminded that a driver’s license from Ford Driving School was the most important item of the entire trip. The 10-year-old was determined to not leave without it. After some instruction and an exciting free-form ride in a LEGO car, he passed the test, had his picture taken and received a realistic license. The cars aren’t on tracks, so this ride is perfect for independent-minded children who like making their own fun.

Best Restaurant in LEGOLAND

Burgers and fries can be found in many places in the park, but to get good healthy food, try the Market Restaurant. The fruit was ripe (an anomaly in restaurants) and the variety was good. Fresh salads and baked goods were easy to find and delicious. The best thing about this restaurant though, might be its HEAVENLY air conditioning.

Best Show in LEGOLAND

Pirate’s Cove has a live action water ski show for which you’ll want to make time. Who wouldn’t want to see life-sized mini figurines water skiing? How DO they do that?

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