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The Best of 104 Street - Fashion by C'est Sera

Discover some of the best of the best shops in Edmonton on 104 Street
Discover some of the best of the best shops in Edmonton on 104 Street
Photo courtesy of C'est Sera

On Saturday, May 15th 104 Street downtown will come to life. The City Market (Farmer's Market) will open for the season and the vibe felt will equal that of our country's major metro counterparts.

And for the urban fashionistas who are continually on the hunt for unique art, decor and fashion finds, its stores offer up the goods. One such gem is C'est Sera, a ladies boutique that boasts one-of-a-kind shoes, accessories and fashion items.

"Our store prides itself on independent designers, highly original and well made brands," says Alida, sales associate. "And we're to help you choose things that suit you and your lifestyle... we don't believe in letting you fend for yourself when you walk through our doors."

One of spring's hottest trends in hues is shocking pinks, pantones of confident tangerine and sunflower yellows and fire engine reds. Part Two doesn't disappoint with its spring line in these tantalizing tones. 

On the other end of the colour spectrum is softer, paler shades in sheer, billowy, floral printed tunics and frocks. You can dress them up for a ultra feminine look or add suede accessories for an urban bohemian feel.

An alternative to the cardy is the wonderfully draped wrap. We saw fashion connoisseurs in New York and Paris during fashion week wearing drapy fabrics well. It's a smart alternative to the expected button-up version and it's practical as we begin layering in between seasons.

There's definitely - to many of the 9-5'ers relief - movement away from the structured jacket. Alida explains that fabrics and shapes are softer and there's more choices in patterns and textures. Look for names such as Sweet Chemise and Tension who do some Mad Men styles in coats. 

Back in high demand is denim. And denim everything in almost any style or wash. Alda recommends what they call their 'hottie' jeans. This It! denim by Belle adds just enough flare to them so they're great for all figure types, particularly for playing up those curves! 

You'll also find the Makers of True Orginals - "Motto Jeans" - that are not only stylish but provide weekend casual comfort.

Next time your stroll down this quaint, up scale block with its juxtaposition between modern sky scrapes and art deco style, brick brownstone buildings, discover the following stores, restaurants, and shops that make this area a truly unique retail experience: 

  • Sobey's URban Fresh Market
  • de Vine Wines
  • Tzin
  • Pure Brida
  • Carbon Environmental Boutique
  • C'est Sera Clothing
  • Blunt
  • Blue Plate Diner
  • Tony the Tailor 
  • Rick's Grill




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