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The Best New Year’s Resolution for Kids? Earn Better Grades.

Mindy Ginsberg, CEO of
Mindy Ginsberg, CEO of

Losing weight and quit eating so much junk are probably the most popular New Year's resolutions for adults that is but what is a good resolution for kids? Getting better grades is a perfect resolution for kids. Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of shares her tips on how kids can get better grades.

Straight A student who Stumbled - High school math and science as well as AP and Honors classes feature a tough curriculum and faster pace that can challenge even the best students. If this is your child, he/she may need an ongoing source of help to stay on track.

Speak to your child’s teacher or counselor to see what additional help is available. Some kids benefit from creating study groups, others need one-to-one attention from a tutor. Online tutoring is great because students can get help the very night they miss something in class. This helps them from falling behind.

The Case of the Missing Assignments - If your child is chronically disorganized and has missed handing in assignments, it’s sure to lower his/her grades. This is an issue for many middle school students who have to deal with changing classes and having multiple teachers and multistep projects.

Help your child get organized. Set up a regular homework routine that works for your child and his/her activities to ensure that assignments are completed. For those larger projects with deadlines that are a month or more out, create a plan with smaller steps that make the assignment manageable and easy to track. Check off each step to guarantee an on-time delivery.

Likes School. Hates Math. (or English or Science) – Many kids are doing well, but have that one subject where they really don’t get it. This is normal! In a recent survey, 61% of parents reported that their child struggles in one subject. My advice is get help early. Don’t let your child get so frustrated that he/she gets turned off a subject that he/she might be really great at. Figure out what fits your family’s schedule and budget to get a great tutor to help your child gain confidence, skills and yes, grades.

Parents play an important role in helping their kids figure out what may be holding them back from better grades. Most importantly, it’s ok if a parent can’t help with calculus homework or doesn’t remember how to balance a chemistry equation. My daughter is a busy high school sophomore who balances tough classes and sports. She works regularly with online tutors at 8 p.m . or later to stay up with her pre-calculus class. It’s a great way to get help on her schedule and keeps one of my New Year’s resolutions for a happy, stress-free homework time!

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