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The Best Mobile Apps For Musicians

Best Apps For Musicians
Best Apps For Musicians

Like most people, musicians are always on the go. Yet, somewhere in that frenetic existence they must still find time for things like organization, setting goals, and practice, all while trying to be an inspiration to up-and-coming musicians. Fortunately for them, technology has made it possible for them to get the help they need to stay on tract simply by downloading the appropriate app to their computers and smart phones. With tons of mobile app developers out there creating literally 1000s of apps every day, where do you start with the basics?

For some musicians, keeping things like rehearsals, lessons, and performance dates can be a real hassle. Cancellations and rescheduling of engagements and the growing commitment to more and more venues can be a real nightmare. That is, until now. Now, with Google’s Android Gmail/Calendar/Contact app gives a musician the ability to unclutter his life by placing control his hectic schedule at his fingertips.

With the YouTube app, a musician can watch videos of all the great performances while on the go. It can also be used as a teaching tool. If he also teaches, his students can sift through hundreds of videos of their favorite songs for as many times as they like. It also gives them the ability to compare different versions of a song that they can get a better feel for how they would like to perform it.

Musicians are always jotting down little reminders; the only problem is remembering where they put them later on. Well, the Evernote app makes keeping up with those small edits you wanted to make much easier. You can even add reminders in your own handwriting, so there’s no reason to you to carry a pad and pen along anymore. But what is more amazing about Evernote is that you can make these reminders to yourself on your PC and access them later on your smart phone.
Today, smart phones are almost indispensable. However, your smartphone may not have enough storage capacity for all your files. Yet, if need be, you can still access all your music files by downloading the Dropbox app. The Dropbox app gives you the ability to access every file in the Dropbox folder from anywhere in the world. So, no longer do you have to worry about carrying all your files with you when you travel.

Rather than helping him keep tract of important engagements, Trello is an app that allows a musician to measure progress. With Trello, all projects are committed to the project board so that the musician can break them down in stages. From this vantage point, he can get a better idea of where he stands in relation to the overall project.

With the number of apps out there already and increasing by the day, there’s no reason for a musician to feel pressed by the myriad of responsibilities that a music career entails. Organizing his hectic life has never been easier. All he need do is download the app from the web that fits the circumstance. And, the best part of it all is that most of the apps out there are free.

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