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The Best Men's Clothing Shop in Maryland and Virginia

Complex Magazine just released their list of The Best Men's Clothing Shop in Every State of the U.S.. As you'd expect, it has brought on it's share of controversy. First, DC is not listed, robbing readers of the many boutique offerings for the politically powerful. Secondly, the two shops named for Maryland and Virginia have drawn a mixed reaction on social media. Take a look at their write ups"

Is Need Supply the very best?


Fells Point, MD
Best brands: Black Scale, Play Cloths, Durkl

Maryland has seen a good amount of decent streetwear shops come and go, but one has stuck it out through thick and thin. Pedestrian in the Baltimore area has steadily brought in under-the-radar streetwear brands like Flying Coffin and Durkl and thrived off of them without selling out. B-More dudes show love to PEDX because PEDX shows love to B-More. Simple as that.

Need Supply
Richmond, VA
Best brands: Patrik Ervell, Gitman Vintage, Alden

One of the coolest cities in the country is home to one of menswear's meccas in Need Supply. Its laid back approach to menswear is indicative of its creative director, Gabriel Ricciopo's surfing background and the relationships the shop has solidified in the business over the years. The range of apparel in its brand roster is nearly second to none."

Do you agree with their picks?

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