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The best margaritas in Denver



So, if you’re looking for a great margarita, Denver has many places to find one. Here’s a few of my favorite places in Denver to find a margarita that is just right for your style:


Like ‘em frosty and delicious?

Try Benny’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar

They serve up a great frozen margarita that will freeze ya to the core. They’re strong and delicious, and served in any number of flavors. You can also pair your margarita with any one of their excellent tequilas.


Like em strong enough to knock you over?

Try El Camino Tavern

They serve up short margaritas with lots of tequila. Their unique atmosphere is a great place to relax and take the edge off your day with a strong drink.


Like ‘em traditional?

Try Dora’s Mexican Restaurant

They have a great authentic atmosphere, and bartenders who know how to serve them up right.


Like ‘em cheap?

Try Emilio’s

They have happy hour margaritas at only $1.75 that will knock your socks off. Great, strong, and cheap, just the way I like my margaritas!


Like ‘em at home?

Here’s my recipe for frozen margaritas at home:

Frozen Margarita Recipe