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The best iPhone App to capture those special moments with the Offspring App

In the center of the world Des Moines, IA, on January 29th, 2014, the creators of a new app for family's everywhere reported the onset of an all new iPhone app called the Offspring app. It was created by three parents in the Des Moines, IA area to capture all of your family's unforgettable moments in one place that is easy to use, private, and secure app that is available in the Apple App store.

"Where Memories Spring to Life!"(
"Where Memories Spring to Life!"(
Offspring App
The best iPhone App to capture those special moments with the Offspring App
CG Communications/Offspring App

The Offspring app is available for free in the iTunes App store that makes it simple for family's to capture, store, and share once in a lifetime memories as they happen.

“How often does your child say or do something really funny and a week later you try to recall what it was that made you laugh so hard?” asked Zachary Kreger, co-founder of Offspring. “These are the kinds of situations we kept running into as parents and we thought, there has to be a better way to capture everything right when it occurs. (Zachary Kreger)"

Unique key points for the Offspring app:

  • Offers simple and uniquely designed interface to preserve those special moments like photographs, videos, quotes, audio, milestones, and journal entries.
  • A built in private social network for the family only to share with specifically selected family members and friends.
  • Parent's have complete control of what gets added to their child's timeline and what information their followers will be able to view.
  • Specifically designed to be a secure environment that's only focused on capturing and preserving family memories that brings total peace of mind to parents and family's everywhere.

“Anyone who has a special child in their life will appreciate this app, said Emily Sanders, co-founder of Offspring. “(Emily Sanders)."

The Offspring app is a remarkable achievement in the app world for all families that have been concerned with who and what can see their families pictures and content without their knowledge. This Offspring app utilizes the power and simplicity of the iPhone to record and share memorable events right as they happen to ensure that they will never be forgotten and remembered for years to come.

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