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The Best Haunted House

When I was growing up, haunted houses seemed to disappear along with the number of kids out trick-or-treating. In fact, the kids seemed to be more the age of teenagers than kids. Maybe it was the area I grew up in but I thought for sure that Halloween was starting to end. As I got older though, there seemed to be resurgence in the haunting holiday. Before I knew it, in the early 90’s people started decorating their house again, more families took their kids out and the haunted houses popped up everywhere. Although I personally am not a horror movie fan, I certainly was excited about the haunted houses. My girlfriends and I began scouting out for the best haunted houses in our area. We traveled everywhere in hopes of getting the most scared. We visited Foxboro at the Jaycee’s haunted house tour held at the State Hospital; we traveled to Berlin to visit Spooky World and traveled to Salem to take part in their Salem Haunted Happenings.

Soon after graduating from College, my sister moved to Abington. After speaking to my sister about all my adventures with my friends, she told me about a haunted house not far from her. So, I gathered up my friends and we drove to Abington to visit Barrett’s Haunted Mansion located behind the Abington Ale House. I’ll never forget my first visit. The mini golf course beside the haunted house had a water fall and water hazard the color of blood. As we stood in line, suddenly the screaming began. Who would think there would be screams waiting in line! Well, as we were soon to find out, there were characters with make up on straight out of the movies wondering through the crowds. The good characters could sneak through the line of the unaware crowd and suddenly pop up unexpectedly and scare everyone. Admittedly, when we first started to go, we were their targets. Being new to the haunted house, we did not expect them to be in line. Now, we enjoy watching them sneak up on victims enthralled in conversations with their friends.

The mini-golf course has since closed but they add different attractions each year. The past few years, there was the Buried Alive attraction. This, I have to say, that I did not try. The idea was that you would lie down in a coffin, with the lid closed and feel as if you were being buried alive. This year, they do not have that but they do have the Beezelbubba’s Human Freak show on select nights (October 7, 8, 14, 15, 20, 21) with multiple shows held nightly.

Each night, different charities are able to volunteer to work within the haunted house and in return, they have donated money to their cause. This year, they are celebrating being open for twenty years. And of course, if you think that by going once you won’t be scared a second time, think again. Their characters change nightly. And word of advice, don’t hang around outside solo too scared to enter the house, they will find you.

As for next year, check again because every summer, workers change the entire haunted house making it different every year.

You can check them out on Facebook, G+, Twitter and YouTube. After viewing the opening night photos, I am even more excited to go this year. See you there!


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