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The best hats in life are free

An imposing red rock at Red Rocks.
An imposing red rock at Red Rocks.

A few weeks past I brought to your attention a deal of epic proportions only about ten minutes from my house -- a free hat.

Dutifully, I sent away for my free guidebook, registered for my hat, printed out my coupon…and upon Jennifer’s arrival from Chicago, headed to the Red Rocks Welcome Center.

A red rock at Red Rocks

I admit, with some trepidation. Was my print out the actual coupon? Would the hat be there? Would there be a secret fee? And worst, would they refuse me because I’m a Colorado resident and not an official tourist?

The answers to all these questions were “yes, yes, no and no!”

The hat is terrific! It’s a breezy mesh in back, with a soft, almost suedey feel to the brown fabric in front. The emblem is an embroidery of the classic Welcome to Colorful Colorado road sign. And just now as I was examining my hat, I realized I wore it for two days and forgot to take the packing cardboard out. Gah…

Jennifer, have you checked your cardboard?

Hats with hair down at Red Rocks

And right up there with the hat, were the friendly ladies that happily handed them to us. They acted as eager to give us the hats, as we clearly were to get them. On top of that, they seemed to have actually been to most of the attractions they handed us booklets for, and could give us genuine reviews of what’s worth seeing.

So if you’ve been dawdling, fearing a potential Welcome Center rejection, then get over it and go get your hat. I’ve done the reconnaissance for you, and can do no more. Except walk around looking awesome in my hat.

Hats with hair up at Fish Creek Falls!