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The best gift you can give your valentine is unconditional love and liver treats

There are phenomena science cannot prove, nor is it necessary for it to be proven. Call it anecdotal evidence or plain old life experience, there are just some things in life that we as humans and non-humans know. As a writer, it is not usually in good taste to write in an informal fashion when attempting to maintain one's credibility. I know you, the readers, are all familiar with my writing style. This piece is not as formal as you may expect however, it is my discretion that material covered in this article be lighthearted while writing in a relaxed tone. This is the only article that will be written without references. As you read this piece, it will be evident empirical articles and statistics are not required for validation.

Unconditional love to all

The best way to spend a Valentine's Day is with a loyal, faithful, companion that will give you unconditional love. The "mystery" companion has never done you wrong, nor will he or she plan to in the future. When your significant other has made you cry, your "mystery" companion will be there to comfort you. The "mystery" companion is there to wake you up and cuddle with you at night. Best of all, the "mystery" companion will never judge you or leave you because of your past.

Have you all figured out who this "mystery" companion is? That's right, your canine companion, your one true best friend; the paw that laid on your shoulder when you were left sitting in the darkness. Readers, it can be said with great confidence, you do not need statistics or empirical studies to tell you that your canine companion is more than just a pet, but part of the family. You do not need statistics to tell you that your dog was the only one with you on the night you cried yourself to sleep. Your canine companion is the epitome of pure love.

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