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‘The Best Gay Possible’: Pet Shop Boys new song based on gay rights speech

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Pet Shop Boys is the latest musical act to record a song based on gay rights. According to NME on March 9, the musical duo has released a song inspired by the gay rights speech made by drag queen Panti Bliss.

Panti Bliss, who’s real name is Rory O’Neill, saw his fame go global after making a speech condemning homophobia. Already a leading gay rights figure in Ireland, Panti’s voice became heard even louder as his speech when viral on YouTube and now there is a song that will extend the reach of his voice.

Pet Shop Boys posted the new song titled “The Best Gay Possible” Saturday on their website which features 10 minutes of the speech made by Panti Bliss, who was flattered that the duo made the song.

“Pet Shop Boys made an amazing track out of my Noble Call speech. Seriously, they did.”

As the song itself is a sign of support for Panti Bliss, the gay rights figure also received report from public figures such as Madonna, Stephen Fry and Graham Norton. Pet Shop Boys will most likely perform the song on its US10-date tour beginning on April 8.

The song can be heard here.

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