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The best frugal tip to soften butter prior to baking

Many recipes require the butter used in the ingredient list to be softened prior to baking. This makes the batter easier to mix and creates the perfect textures for the cake or pasty being prepared.

Baking is better when the butter is softened!
Jackson Cooking Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Softening the butter is one step that seems to be overlooked until it is too late. Other times you have to start earlier to get the butter the right consistency to use. This can take quite a bit of time especially when you’re in a hurry.

Now the long waiting game of butter softening is over. You’ll no longer be delayed because the butter isn’t ready to be added to the recipe just yet.

Here is a little secret tip or trick all bakers should try and remember for the future. Just fill a one-cup measuring cup with very hot water. Then lay the stick of butter across the top of the measuring cup. If you do this first, then by the time all the other ingredients are taken out along with the mixer, mixing bowl and baking pan and placed on the counter the butter will now be already softened and ready to use immediately.

Skip the wait and soften the butter easily with the greatest frugal baking tip and start baking sooner!

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