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The best exercise yoga mat you can buy

Have you been looking for a yoga exercise mat big enough for your workout? Tired of the cheap mats that won’t lay flat and eventually crumble into pieces? Well, it has arrived! Pogamat; it’s special, different and brand new to the market. What makes this yoga exercise mat stand out among all of the others?

Looking for a mat for yoga and cardio?

Pogamat is not only extra wide, extra long and more durable, it works on any surface, it’s large enough for any type of workout, is portable and has no odor, as other mats do. It’s simply the best mat that can transition you from yoga to any other type of exercise and back.

Created by at home fitness enthusiast Eric Landis when he was trying to exercise using a traditional yoga mat. “I was trying to workout on a narrow thin yoga mat and it just wasn’t working out,” shared Landis. “My experience is that a yoga mat doesn’t work well for cardio training. The narrow mat size limits the types of workouts you can do and the material is thin.”

Landis also took note that most yoga mats are made of flimsy material and offer no support or room to move around freely, so he decided to make a mat different from all others. Pogamat was created to be the most durable oversized exercise mat for both cardio training and yoga. Not only does it give you the space needed to workout effectively, the shock absorbing material makes exercise safer especially when you’re jumping around.

Pogamat is available in two sizes, XL and XXL. The XL is 27 inches wide, compared to the standard 24 inches, 78 inches long, compared to the standard 68 inches and 6.5mm thick. The XXL is the same length and thickness, but is a whopping 48 inches wide, now that’s a mat for any type of exercise. Pogamat is portable and comes with a free shoulder strap so that you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Learn more about the XL Pogamat; the best yoga exercise mat you can buy here.

Learn more about the XXL Pogamat; the best yoga exercise mat you can buy here.

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